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New character

2014-07-21 10:53:47 by deimos666

There is my new charcter - John(Kyon) Smith. Runner.Char


2014-07-20 07:27:57 by deimos666

Project Horsemen. Of. Apocolypse. Started4095821_140585566562_-2.jpg

Joining collab.

2014-07-16 08:43:12 by deimos666

Yay! Joined my first collab! More -

New style!

2014-07-14 01:53:32 by deimos666

Some new sprites!

P.S. Sprite concept by Kilory -


2014-07-13 12:13:34 by deimos666

I have many unshared tests, so here they are! - Lost project. - First multilayer animation. - New weapon and effect.

New test!

2014-07-13 08:19:26 by deimos666

Here comes some old tests!

P.S. First test weapon sprite by AUDEIMOS -